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10:30 Catholic Community Statement of Beliefs...

We are a Christ-centered, spirit directed, catholic worshipping community. In response to the teachings of Vatican II, we have come together because we are searching for ways to reflect the person and work of Jesus Christ in our time, to our world.

In order to effect this ministry, and recognizing our individual human inadequacies, we gather to celebrate the Eucharist and to offer our support, nurture and energies to each other.

We understand that our relationship to Christ and to each other is in a process of continuing growth toward greater knowledge and deeper intimacy. We believe that the goals of this process are best achieved in Community, where we receive the wisdom and experience of Christians who preceded us in history, and are fed in the present by Christ's presence in the sacraments. In the light of this understanding and belief, this Community will function as a support for its members to accomplish, through their individual lives, the increased awareness of Christ's presence in the world.

We further commit ourselves, as a Community, to the support of those who engage in tasks aimed to heal the economic and social wounds that divide the human family and create conditions that support personal human suffering.

Finally, we affirm the wholeness of the Body of Christ and support all efforts aimed at the unification of His Church. In support of this affirmation, we commit ourselves as a Community to the life of the greater Catholic Church of which we are a part, to ecumenical outreach toward other Christian worshipping communities and to appropriate interaction with other believing faith communities.

We will maintain an atmosphere of openness, dialogue and sharing so that all of our efforts may be aided by the light and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Our Statement of Beliefs in PDF format


Who Is the 10:30 Catholic Community...

We are a lay-led Community whose members take personal responsibility for our faith. We encourage all members to participate in community life by sharing their time, talent and treasure. Our liturgical celebrations are led by priests who share our beliefs and who have faculties in the Archdiocese of Denver.

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How Is the 10:30 Catholic Community Different...

Our Community differs from traditional Catholic parishes primarily because we are directed by volunteer committees of laypersons. We own no property, have no pastor nor paid staff; our thrust is to serve the needs of the wider human community through social consciousness and appropriate Christian social action. We attempt to live Gospel values in both our Community and our daily lives.


Community Constitution...

The Constitution of the 10:30 Catholic Community is based upon the principle that a requirement for membership in the Community is a willingness to serve through donations of time, talent or treasure. Our Constitution recognizes that the 10:30 Catholic Community shares not only its church but many common beliefs and objectives with the Capitol Heights Presbyterian community. The general membership consists of all persons who have made an annual commitment pledge or who have made a commitment known to the Community Council.


Community Calendar...

Sunday Mass: 11:00 am

"Fourth Sunday" Community Meetings: 4th Sundays in September, October and January through April

General Membership Meetings: November and May

Council Meetings: At least ten times per year

Commitment Sunday: 2nd Sunday in January

Council Lottery: May General Membership Meeting

Installation of Council: 2nd Sunday in September

Mass in the Park: 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays in June, July and August, 9:30 a.m.

For information about the Community's current calendar, please see our Calendar page.



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