The 10:30 Catholic Community is a community that believes in and practices social justice. We have collected here links to organizations whose missions we support and encourage.


Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church: The 10:30 Catholic Community shares the Capitol Heights Church building with our sister community, the Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church.

Capitol Hill United Ministries (CHUM): A coalition of religious leaders and faith-based organizations in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. CHUM advocates on housing issues and other issues that impact vulnerable and poor populations in Denver.

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN): A neighborhood organization representing Capitol Hill for more than 30 years. With boundaries from 1st to 22nd Avenues and from Broadway to Colorado Boulevard, CHUN is a forum for discussing neighborhood issues, including licensing, historic preservation, crime prevention, the environment and recycling, neighborhood beautification, street maintenance, education and traffic control. CHUN sponsors the Capitol Hill People's Fair.

The Conflict Center: Teaching nonviolent methods for dealing with conflict and anger is the work of The Conflict Center. Programs for children, adolescents and adults teach practical skills needed to make nonviolent choices. The Conflict Center teaches communication skills, consequences, negotiation, values clarification and refusal skills.

Denver Justice and Peace Committee: The Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting human rights, economic justice and lasting peace in Latin America through education, solidarity projects, and nonviolent activism.

Dignity/USA: DignityUSA works for respect and justice for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons in the Catholic Church and the world through education, advocacy and support.

El Porvenir: The mission of El Porvenir is to improve the standard of living of rural people in Nicaragua through sustainable self-help water, sanitation and reforestation projects.

Metro Caring: Metro Caring sets as its mission meeting people's immediate food needs while sustainably addressing the root cause of hunger: poverty. At the same time that Metro Cacring provides nutritious groceries to its hungry neighbors, it offers comprehensive, wrap-around anti-poverty programming so that families can break the cycle of food insecurity. Metro Caring is a welcoming, dignified, health-focused organization, open to everyone in the Denver metro area.

Together Colorado: Together Colorado is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that unlocks the power of people to transform their communities through community organizing. Comprised of 150 congregations, schools and clergy and faith leaders from Pueblo to Fort Collins, we are working together to put human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado. Grounded in faith and democratic traditions and in the everyday concerns of the people in our congregations, schools and communities, Together Colorado trains and equips faith leaders and volunteer community leaders to join together to resolve community issues on their own behalf at local, state and national levels. Current key issues include education, health care, public safety, immigration and economic justice.

Intentional Eucharistic Communities: Intentional Eucharistic Communities (IECs) are those small faith communities, rooted in the Catholic tradition, which gather to celebrate Eucharist on a regular basis. Born in the enthusiasm flowing from Vatican II for a church of the people, some IECs were instituted in parishes, some were created as alternatives to the parish, some retain close ties with the institutional church, and some function independently. All are characterized by shared responsibility for the governance and life of the community. This site serves as a central point for these communities.



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